Buckingham Agility™ Saddles, #1480

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The Buckingham Agility™ saddle was designed in conjunction with Jamie Chambrelli, and the team at ArborMaster® Training Inc. Jamie is a lead instructor with ArborMaster®, Connecticut Licensed Arborist and production tree climber.

During development, we looked at feedback around the industry including proper fit, adjustment slippage, mobility of suspension systems, proper support at legs and back, lower hardware options and other attachment options throughout the suspension, and a plethora of other issues with saddles around the industry. The handmade in the USA Agility™ saddle was designed and built for “Work” with a focus on comfort, durability, mobility, and functionality.

  • New specially designed back pad for maximized support to prevent lower back injuries
  • Industry-first specially designed Leg Pad/Suspension system.
  • New lower rigging plate hardware design.
  • Industry-first Segmented Rope Bridge/Suspension bridge.
  • “Stay Put” waist and leg straps.

**BuckCarrier shown in images (2402B) not included.


  • Industry-first specially designed Leg Pad/Suspension system.
    • One of the biggest problems we noticed with other saddles on the market are problems with proper support and fit in the leg pads which is key to promote optimal comfort and ideal weight distribution.
    • Articulating legs pads and straps that are engineered to give you maximized mobility.
    • The Leg pads move completely independent from the upper suspension allowing for more mobility in your waist and legs.
    • Leg strap and suspension were designed to allow your leg pads to articulate separate from upper suspension to maintain pad support and fit and give you maximum mobility.
    • Cradled by 2 separate straps allowing for better circulation and support.
    • Black leg straps allow you to form the pad and lower suspension angle to properly fit and support your upper thigh area.
    • Leg straps backed with hook and loop, so adjustments stay in place. (Black leg straps are only meant to be used/undone when you are making fit adjustments)
      • **Center leg strap (Green) is your donning strap, Outer leg straps (Black) are for adjusting contour of leg pads for proper fit/suspension.
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