All Gear Inc. Husky-12 - "Soft Rig Sling" 1/2” X 8’ with Low Friction Ring & Chafe Cover

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Husky-12  - "Soft Rig Sling"

1/2" x 8'

12-Strand Polyester "Soft Rig Slings" are used as a low stretch anchor point for Arborists. The Soft Rig Slings have a 3' Ballistic Nylon Outer Jacket which slides to cover any of the "Ten Rig Point Eyes" for Extended Life. Premium Husky Coating is applied to provide excellent resistance to chemicals, sunlight and abrasion. Ammo Blue Low Friction Rings (LFR,s) are made of Premium Aluminum and Aircraft Quality Coating for a Super Smooth Glide when running rigging line through the middle.


Key Benefits

  • 3' Protective Sleeve on wear point greatly extends the life of your sling.
  • Super Easy to Set-up and Rig through the Low Friction Ring
  • Polyester Husky Coating is very resistant to abrasion.
  • Color Coded for easy Size Differentiation and Visibility.


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