ISC Block, Medium Forged for 3/4" Rope, 33,721 lbs. MBS

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Medium Forged Block for 5/8" Rope, 33,721 lbs. MBS

Pulley wheel color  Green  - Anchor wheel color  Red 

Product information:

Manufactured using Hot Forged Technology, combined with high quality materials and components. This block is rope friendly, durable and extremely robust. These features combined give maximum security and strength, when the block is rigged as part of an impact system.

Apart from the aesthetically pleasing curves, the ISC impact block is designed to work (together with textiles) to absorb the huge forces which are created by the harsh dynamics of heavy Arborist work.  The side plates are produced using the best quality hot forged Aluminium and the special manufacturing process allows this block to offer a highly impressive strength to weight ratio.


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