LUG-ALL Model 6000-15, 3 Ton Cable Hoist

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LUG-ALL® Model c, 3 Ton Cable Hoist

The model 6000-15 is a heavy-duty, industrial-grade 3-ton ratcheting cable winch hoist featuring double or single line lift capabilities. When used as a single line hoist, this model has 15 feet of cable and a 3,000-pound capacity. As a double line hoist, this model has 7 feet 6 inches of cable and a 6,000-pound capacity. All Lug-All cable hoists are made in the USA using 7x19 aircraft cable and are designed with an aluminum alloy main frame with open construction for easy cleaning and maintenance. This Lug-All cable hoist also includes a shear pin between the handle socket and U-frame that is designed to break if the winch hoist becomes overloaded, protecting the user and equipment.

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