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(containing Imidacloprid and Debacarb)

Imisol is one more example of Mauget’s commitment  of “Redefining Tree Injection Technology”.
IMISOL is one of the two Mauget’s exclusively developed combination insect and disease microinjection tree care treatment products that combines Mauget’s patented Fungisol (debacarb) Fungicide, with Mauget’s Imicide (Imidacloprid) Insecticide.
This simple to apply unique micro-injection tree care treatment is an exclusive formulation that has been developed and offered only by Mauget to control both diseases and insects with one simple, easy to apply microinjection application saving both time and expence.

Imisol and Abasol are the only combination products of their kind developed exclusively for micro-Injection tree care to date and only offered by Mauget.
The combination of Mauget’s Fungisol plus Imicide, all in one Tree Injection application provides disease suppression of over 30 tree disease pathogens and long long lasting control / suppression of over 37+ damaging insects including many exotic introduced insects. Imisol is registered on over 31 tree species.

A complex of pests, not a single problem, often causes the decline of trees and plants. Trees weakened by insects are prone to attack from disease organisms. In some cases, insects are vectors of diseases, such as the Elm Bark Beetle in Dutch elm disease.
•    Two treatments in one application
•    Labeled for a Broad spectrum of INSECTS and DESEASES
•    University and field tested
•    Completely enclosed, minimal risk application method
•    WARNING label

6mL Capsule, 24 Capsules per Carton

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