PTI CSS-30 Chainsaw / Bucket Scabbard, Hang from Inside or Outside of Bucket

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CSS-30 Chainsaw Scabbard


The scabbard is made of a copolymer, 33+1/4" x 6", sheath, 16" x 6" x 1+1/4", reversible inside outside mounting, bright safety yellow, for bucket trucks and aerial lifts.

• The scabbard is longer than other scabbards with OAL dimensions of 33+1/4".
• The sheath measures 16"L x 6"W.
• Reversible for inside and outside mounting
• Built-in stand off for better fit and more ergonomic presentation of the saw
• Fewer sub-assemblies for greater longevity and ruggedness than previous models
• New design and construction provides higher static and dynamic load ratings
• Durable copolymer construction can sustain damage better than fiberglass models.
• Easy to remove from bucket when not in use
• Bright safety yellow provides extra visibility
• A safety strap is included.

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