All Gear Inc. Ring to Ring Sling 3/4” x 50” 21,000 lbs ABS

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Ring to Ring Sling
3/4" x 50" Orange

21,000 lbs ABS

Ring to Ring Slings are made of 12-Strand Polyester coated in All Gear's Husky Coating and covered with Chafe Sleeve. The 5/8" x 40" have a 1+1/8" & a 1+1/2" Low Friction Rings installed and held in place with a Locking Brummel Splices.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly install compared to Block or Pulley
  • Low Friction Rings included , no need for hardware.
  • Husky Coated 12 Strand Polyester and Chafe Sleeve for abrasion resistance.
  • A Blue and Red Low Friction Ring to differentiate the sides up in the tree.
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