Rockman Dielectric Arborist Helmet, Orange

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 ROCKMAN Dielectric Arborist Helmet, Orange


Helmet Shell:
Energy absorbing Shape. The innovative shell is based on the principles used in Formula 1 racing, in which the rigid yet flexible cage absorbs significant amounts of impact energy by partial deformation. The classic helmet shape absorbs very little energy and leaves all impact reduction to the harness.
- ABS construction
- Wide profile and rain trough preventing the rain flowing undisturbed down the back   
- Lightweight thermoplastic helmet shell with UV stabilizations reducing degradation from ultraviolet light   
- Improved stability against lateral impacts   
- Short brim for better sight   
- Accessory slots (30 mm) accept a wide variety of attachments like visors or/and hearing protectors   
- All ventilation holes closed for increased protection against electrical shock hazards   
- ROCKMAN Dielectric helmet reduces the danger of exposure to high voltage electrical conductors, proof tested at 20,000 volts 
Helmet Suspension:
- 6-point textile suspension (woven nylon webbing) for excellent comfort   
- DFT - DeFormaTec (TM) - suspension for decreasing impact peaks   
- Low nape strap helps prevent the helmet from shifting on the wearer's head   
- Long sweat-band from anti allergic fleece material   
- Several chin strap mounts for a large variety of straps   
- Vertical adjustment for height   
- One-hand-ratchet headband with rear knob for instant  sizing 
- Includes 4-point chin strap


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