Climbing Innovations SAKA MINI, Self Advancing Knee Ascender

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SAKA mini

Compact Self Advancing Knee Ascender for climbing a rope.

In conjunction with a foot ascender, the SAKA mini allows a climber to simply walk up a rope.

Easy to use, easy to store and carry.

  • 2' of super stretch bungee, solid rubber core and Dyneema cover for strength and wear resistance. 2-5 pound pull. (3 pounds at 18 inches of pull.)
  • 2' of 5/8" webbing adjustable for any reasonable stride or size of climber. 
  • Simple to adjust.  
  • 7.95 ounces.
  • Load bearing buckle designed and built just for the SAKA mini.
  • Compact for easy storage when not in use. 
  • Uses the original SAKA ascender with progressive tooth pattern and rope friendly spring.  
  • Comes with two small, 4kN rated carabiners and one 22 kN carabiner.
  • Works for climbers of all sizes, no need to choose between length or foot attachment.
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