Mauget Insecticides

Mauget’s broad product line of tree injection insecticides are specific for tree injection treatments that control many of the most destructive insects feeding on trees. Mauget’s formulated tree injection insecticides go to work immediately to eliminate insects that can destroy trees and plants in the safest and most effective manner.

Mauget’s Insecticides are used as the benchmark insecticides by governments and Universities to control exotic insect outbreaks throughout the world and is the choice of the U.S.D.A. for the Asian Longhorned Beetle emergency program in the U.S treating over 500, 000 trees.

An environmentally friendly fast acting way to apply pesticides with Mauget’s patented closed system eliminates the worry about drift, water contamination and environmental concerns associated with other pesticide methods of applications. Chemicals are contained entirely within the trees system, pests feeding on the tree being directly affected. Beneficial and non-target insects and other life forms are not affected.

The applicator can treat trees in adverse weather conditions (wind, and rain) or at difficult location such as next to swimming pools, school yards, along busy streets, in interior plantscapes etc.).

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