Rope Logic Swaged Wirecore Flipline 1/2" diameter, Steel swivel snap, 8' long.

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These high quality 1/2" wire core fliplines ensure the highest level of safety for the climber. The special swaging process used by the splicing experts at Rope Logic secures both the wire core and the rope sheath, giving you the piece of mind that you're using the strongest, most secure, and safest flipline on the market. Install the rope grab of your choice to easily control and adjust the length of your lanyard. This model comes with a steel swivel locking rope snap.

  • Meets or exceeds ANSI 10.14 1991 standards
  • Individually load tested before they leave the warehouse
  • Thousands made - none have failed
  • Super-secure swaging process keeps the rope covering secured, supporting you in case the wire core breaks
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