Yale Cordage Ultrex Chook Winch Line 5/16" x 200' - 2,200 WLL

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Ultrex Chook Winch Line

5/16" x 200' - 2,200 WLL


The Ultrex winch line featuring the Chook is the leading solution for your chipper winch needs. YALE created the Chook to succeed the traditional steel hook that is generally used with chipper winch lines.

This revolutionary connector allows users to easily choke off the load, either directly to the winch line, or preferably by use in conjunction with a sling. The Chook is made from a high-density polymer, creating a 2,200-pound working load and decreasing the potential of equipment damage.

As with any chipper hook, proper and safe practices are required when the Chook is in use.

The complete assembly comes standard with movable chafe for added abrasion resistance where you need it most and a stowage sling for safe storage while in transit.

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